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Alimenti Non Consentiti Con Coumadin

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a film that gives for the first time in History the truth about what really happened in Mexico City 1968, during the Olympic Games. This film is not just about the Olympic race but more about the Human Race. Civil and Human Rights injustices were at it’s worst in the 60’s but one year in particular there was more happening than ever before. The Vietnam war, Assination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, Mexico City Students slaughtered in the streets for their part in protests and then a proposed boycott of the 68 Olympics by black nations. If there was a symbol of that decade it would have to be the symbol of strength, unity and stance. It was the “Black Power Salute” that populated the World more than any other story.

What makes this story so important today is that most people forget the sacrifice made by the Australian Silver medalist Peter Norman… “The White Guy”. He wasn’t just a bystander of what Tommie Smith and John Carlos did but an equal participant. It has long been a mystery that Peter Norman actually went along with the stand Tommie and John made and did so knowing that this would put his life at risk. Australia had it’s own racial issues with the “White Australia Policy” in full swing, Aboriginals unable to vote and the typical “us and them” mentality. Why then did a white Australian stand up for Black America in such a strong way. For the first time ever, SALUTE brings together Tommie Smith, John Carlos and the late Peter Norman to find out what really happened and not what people “think happened”.

Salute the movie started out as a research film for Peter Norman’s nephew Matt Norman. Matt was writing the screenplay for a big budget feature called “1968” and wanted to get the story straight. Over a period of several years Matt documented every possible opportunity to really find the truth of what happened in Mexico City that October night. What Matt found wasn’t what he expected. The history books tell something different, the history writers forgot to actually ask those involved.

In 2006, just before SALUTE was heading over to the United States, tragically Peter Norman died of a heart attack. Imagine making a film solely dedicated to your uncle only to be told your uncle will never see the film.

 Matt said in an interview “I just wanted people to know what Peter Norman really stood for, what sort of person I know him to be that others don’t, and what injustice was done to him while he was still alive”. Sadly that couldn’t happen. What did happen was that the name Peter Norman would be set in stone in Australia’s history like never before. A Hero of the Human Race, a man of great honour and integrity. A man with a broken heart. This story doesn’t end well but yet it still ends on a positive. It shows how three men from across the oceans built a friendship that lasted a lifetime. It shows what three courageous men did to sacrifice their rightful place as athletes for a greater cause. Most of all, it shows there were three men on the dais that day not just two. Two black and one white. It shows that History needs to rethink the power of this image once again.

“Hopefully this film will encourage everyone to ALWAYS STAND AGAINST INJUSTICE!”



If you would like to put your photo onto the Official Salute webpage then go check out all the other photo’s and see if you have something better. We’d love to show the World your support. If you are looking to support the film or to support the cause of standing against injustice then please send us your photo and we’ll add it to our Fan Photo page. Hey, Beyonce did it… We’d love to see your creative photo’s. 



Since the films release in 2008, it has played all over the World and won dozens of International Awards as Best Film and Best Documentary.It has screened from as far as Russia, Korea, USA, England, Brazil, Germany, Canada. Now it’s coming to screens in the USA and UK for all to see.


Finally after many years, Salute will be released across the United States of America and the United Kingdom in July of 2012. If you would like to screen the film at a cinema near you, then press here:    


There has never been a film made about this event from all three men involved, their coaches, athletes and others. This is the ‘True’ story of what ‘Really’ happened in 1968.

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As we get closer and closer to the release of the film, we will keep adding to this new look webpage. We have some amazing things coming up that we can share with all of you who want to be a part of this amazing films success. So stay in touch. Please fill in the form and we’ll update you in the official “SALUTE” newsletter that comes out monthly..




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